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Colorado Lake and Reservoir Management Association (CLRMA) is a non-profit organization of water management professionals, citizens and lake monitoring volunteers dedicated to preserving and protecting Colorado lakes and reservoirs. Our organization is comprised of people from State, Federal and municipal entities, watershed organizations, as well as citizens who share an interest in the vital resources that Colorado lakes and reservoirs provide. Thousands of people each year enjoy being on or around Colorado's lakes and reservoirs. Water in Colorado works hard to provide habitat for wildlife adjacent to the waters edge, swimming, fishing, boating, bird watching, and even serving as a drinking water source for towns and cities and irrigation water for farms and ranches throughout our state. Colorado's water is a precious resource that must be preserved and protected for the future. Join CLRMA and support this mission!


Start the new year right with a joint NALMS/CLRMA membership for 2017. The NALMS Symposium 2017 is coming to November 6 – 9 2017 Colorado. Enjoy dual membership benefits in 2017. CLRMA is actively planning the NALMS Symposium and there are numerous opportunities to volunteer and help out.

Happy Holidays from CLRMA!

Job Opportunities

Consultant to implement the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority (Authority)
Watershed Water Quality Model

The Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority (Authority) is requesting proposals for its 2016 Watershed Water Quality Model. Details about the RFP can be found at on the proposals tab.

Seven copies of the proposal are due to the Authority by Tuesday, December 6, 2016 by 4:00 p.m.

Does your company have a lake or reservoir related job opening? CLRMA would be happy to post the position with a link it to your company's website. If interested, provide a brief description of the job duties and qualifications (salary range is appreciated but not required) to our President, email located at the bottom of the page. Postings are updated the first of the month.

Renew your CLRMA Membership

Membership renewal forms were mailed out in early January to those members that had an expiring membership. Please renew your membership if you received a form in the mail. The best deal is a 3-yr membership. Members get a discount to all of our events and a copy of the quarterly CLARION. You can renew either by mail or by website with a credit card. For only $20, you can become a member of a great, state-wide lake organization that helps with lake and reservoir management.