Membership Details

Category 1-year 2-year 3-year
Individual $20.00 $35.00 $50.00
Organization (5 names) $85.00 $140.00 $170.00
Joint NALMS/CLRMA * $75.00
Student $10.00 $15.00 $20.00
Lake Volunteer FREE - -

* - Good for one year NALMS Lake Leader membership and one year CLRMA membership.

Membership in CLRMA is open to anyone with an interest in lakes - individuals, lake associations, professional workgroups, and other organizations. Becoming a member supports our mission and connects you with like minded individuals.

Go Green, for your convenience and the health of our planet, CLRMA now offers on line membership. Need to renew your membership or interested in joining CLRMA for the first time? Check it out.

Prefer to pay by check? Print the membership form and send the completed form with your check to CLRMA, P.O. Box 9504 Denver, CO 80209

Membership Benefits

CLRMA offers many benefits with membership. These include:

Conferences and Workshops - CLRMA sponsors conferences, workshops and luncheon speakers which highlight lake improvement and lake protection, lake management techniques, regional and national lake issues, and other topics of interest to people interested in any aspect of lake management.

Newsletter - CLRMA publishes the Clarion newsletter 3-4 times per year. The articles feature topics such as legislation affecting Colorado lakes and reservoirs, lake management techniques, updates from NALMS, and conference and workshop schedules.

NALMS - As a member of CLRMA, you are encouraged to also become a member of the parent organization. NALMS offers the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of people interested in advocating the benefits of proper lake management. NALMS offers its own annual national convention as well as two excellent publications, Lake and Reservoir Management and LakeLine.

Chapter Committees - You are encouraged to join a committee with the many people who make CLRMA an effective organization. These include: Membership, Conference, and Communications/ Newsletter.

Organizational Membership - As an organizational member, you are entitled to designate up to five individuals as member representatives. Each of these people will receive the quarterly newsletters, as well notification of all Chapter activities.