2017 Officer List

Title Name Phone Email
President Kelly DiNatale 303.709.7044 kelly@dinatalewater.com
Past President K. Kelly Close, P.E. kelly.close@lrewater.com
Secretary James Boswell James.Boswell@cityofthornton.net
Treasurer Trea Nance 303.658.2488 nance@hydrosconsulting.com
Director at large Kelly Cline 303.658.2576 kcline@cityofwestminster.us
Director Craig Wolf 303.662.0100 cwolf@geiconsultants.com
Director Andy Cross 303.658.2577 across@cityofwestminster.us
Director Al Polonsky 720.865.5480 alan.polonsky@denvergov.org
West Slope Director Mike Eytel 970.945.8522 ext 215 meytel@crwcd.org

Kelly DiNatale, P.E. is the president of DiNatale Water Consultants. He has 36 years experience in water supply planning and development, water rights, water quality, and reservoir water quality management. He served as Water Resources and Treatment Manager for the City of Westminster, Colorado and as a consulting engineer and has been qualified as an expert and testified in Colorado Water Court and before the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission.

Mr. DiNatale previously served as the first president of the Colorado Lake and Reservoir Management Association and North American Lake Management Society Region VIII Director and is a NALMS Certified Lake Manager. Current projects include reservoir water quality assessment and management recommendations for five reservoirs, cooperative reservoir management for water supply, environmental and recreational purposes and assisting in the planning and development of a number of reservoirs.

In 1984, Kelly Close enrolled in a high school summer science camp. It was on a lake and seemed like a good way to work on her tan. As it turned out, it also lead to a 3 year study on Cyanobacteria and was the beginning of a lifelong love for data collection and analysis related to any aspect of water. After experimenting with a few different majors at the University of Colorado and getting a degree in environmental planning, Kelly went to work for a small engineering firm in Boulder and began learning the intricacies of Colorado water resources.

For over 23 years now she has been developing expertise across a wide range of water quality, supply and permitting subjects. She also has an affinity for the “hi-tech” and enjoys combining her domain knowledge with current technology, leveraging free and open source software to build cost effective data integration, management, analysis and viewing tools. She draws on her understanding water quality and quantity sciences to understand what the end users of these systems really need.

Kelly currently leads Water Information and Innovation Team at Leonard Rice Engineers.

I grew up in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and spent many summer months learning to swim, sail and canoe on Panther Pond (1439 surface acres, 70 feet deep) and Sebago Lake (30,513 surface acres, 316 feet deep) in Maine. I was attracted to water quality studies relatively early. The Androscoggin River, with average flows between 1880 and 5090 cfs near my family home in New Hampshire, was heavily impacted by the timber, pulp and paper industries when I was young - it ran brown and covered in thick, smelly foam year-round. It has been restored over the past several decades from being essentially dead into a viable fish habitat and recreational river.

In high school, my rowing team practiced on the Nashua River in Massachusetts (average flows there are approximately 120-1200 cfs seasonally), which was malodorously impacted by upstream industry, wastewater plants and agricultural runoff; woe to the victorious coxswains who were tossed into that fetid water by their celebrating teammates. In an admittedly less than fully controlled high school biology experiment, I collected water from the Androscoggin and Nashua rivers and a few local ponds to see how changes in pH affected clarity, algal growth and fish mortality.

I navigated a meandering path to Westminster's Water Quality Department, with stops at CU Boulder in the late 1980s, working in the nascent brew pub industry as a Master Brewer installing brewing systems and creating beer recipes across the U.S. during the 1990s, and finally resettling in Boulder after meeting my wife and stepson in Nederland, Colorado where I lived between brewery projects. I left the beer industry a couple of years later and was hired to help with the installation of a hypochlorite storage and feed system at Boulder's Betasso Water Treatment Plant, where I also worked as a Plant Operator and did optimization projects. I was hired into a Water Resources position in Westminster in 2001, and have worked in Westminster continuously since then. My first major Westminster project aside from daily lab work was setting up a Profiler on Standley Lake. Since then I have also worked on continuous monitoring in the Clear Creek watershed and on the canals that feed Standley Lake.

Kelly Cline has been a Chemist for the City of Westminster for about 13 years. He received a Bachelors Degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Biology and a MS degree from CSU in Business. He has been working in water quality for about 24 years where he was employed by several City Municipalities. Kelly has been involved with Lake Management and Aquatic Biology for about 34 years.

My interest in lakes grew out of a limnology field course I took 40 years ago. After completing the course I went on to graduate school, eventually completing my PhD in limnology at CU. For many years I worked at CU's Center for Limnology where much of the work focused on lakes and streams in Colorado. Since 2005, I have worked at the Water Quality Control Division, primarily in the unit that develops standards for the protection of aquatic life and other beneficial uses. I was also involved in expanding the Division's lake sampling program, which was a marvelous opportunity to visit and sample many of the larger reservoirs in the state. The work broadened my perspectives on the major water quality issues affecting Colorado's lakes, and it strengthened a conviction that more attention should be paid to lakes as integrators of water quality within each watershed. I value membership in CLRMA as access to a statewide forum for important, contemporary issues affecting Colorado's lakes, and I would like to encourage more discussion of regulatory issues concerning lakes.

Kevin Tohill is a Water Quality Analyst with the City of Arvada, where he has been employed for 6 years. Kevin conducts raw and source water monitoring for the City of Arvada and has been involved with invasive species management in Arvada Reservoir since 2006. He discovered Eurasian Watermilfoil in Arvada Reservoir in 2006 and has taken the lead role in mitigating the spread of Eurasian Watermilfoil since then.

I am an aquatic ecologist with GEI Consultants and specialize in the field of limnology. I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado and after short periods (5-6 yrs) in Lubbock, Texas and Bozeman, Montana, my family returned to Colorado. I have always stayed close to the Rocky Mountain Region. As a research scientist, I had the opportunity to study biological responses to nutrients in a variety of water body types from the ephemeral playas of west Texas to the perennial ice-covered lakes of Antarctica. More recently as a consultant, my focus has been on the regulatory and compliance aspect of water quality issues in Colorado. I currently monitor and help manage Cherry Creek Reservoir for the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority, and have also worked on Chatfield Reservoir with the Chatfield Watershed Authority.

My wife, Michele, and our two boys, Caleb and Jacob, thoroughly enjoy the outdoor activities that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. One of our favorite places in Colorado is the Grand Mesa, near Grand Junction, which offers over 300 lakes to enjoy. I look forward to serving CLRMA and promoting the preservation and management of lakes and reservoirs in Colorado.

Josh is a Colorado native, an MBA, and certified in water/wastewater treatment, distribution and collection systems. Josh has extensive experience in the operation, maintenance, and management of utility facilities and infrastructures (primarily water and wastewater treatment), including project management of large CIP projects, organizational development, and regulatory affairs. Josh is an environmental consultant at Hydrolysis, and serves as the vice chair for Colorado Water Utility Council. He is routinely involved in a variety of efforts promoting the continuous improvement of drinking water supplies and the protection of watersheds.

I represent the City of Northglenn on various committees, authorities, and watershed groups related to intergovernmental agreements, regulatory issues, or regional planning efforts.

I believe in CLRMA's mission and hope that I can promote and advance the cause.

My job title is the State Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Coordinator / Invasive Species Coordinator, Colorado Division of Wildlife

This is a new position beginning July 1, 2008. My main duty is to implement the State ANS Management Plan and oversee the implementation of the ANS Act (SB08-226) which passed in May 2008. The new State ANS Program is focused on preventing new ANS (i.e. Rusty Crayfish) from entering Colorado and managing existing ANS species (i.e. Eurasian watermilfoil) to limit their spread and negative impacts. A few tools being utilized to achieve these goals include statewide education campaigns, boater inspection and decontamination programs, biological surveys and water body monitoring. I greatly enjoy bringing together local, state and federal partners to mitigate impacts from detrimental invasive species, such as the zebra mussel. As the former Stewardship Coordinator for State Parks, I am looking forward to continuing to work with Park Staff on ANS activities. In addition to ANS program duties; I will be responsible for coordinating all invasive species related efforts on CDOW properties, such as noxious weed and forest pest management. In addition to serving as the Secretary of CLRMA, I also serve CO as the President-Elect of the Colorado Weed Management Association, Co-Chair of the State ANS Steering Committee, Executive Committee of the Pulling for Colorado campaign and as a member of the State Pest Committee, State Noxious Weed Management Team and State EDRR Team.

I joined CLRMA to meet reservoir and lake managers in Colorado. My background is in botany and invasive species management. I wanted to learn from professional water managers about the various aspects of the discipline that I am unfamiliar with. I enjoy serving others by taking an active role in professional associations and non-profits, so I decided to run for the office of Secretary. There is no better way to network and learn than to jump in and contribute!

In 2007, I married my sweetheart of 8 years, Spencer, on top of Dercum Mountain at Keystone. We welcomed our first child, a daughter, Elyssa Marie, on March 19, 2008. Being a Chicago native, we were proud to have Elyssa’s first baseball game be the Cubs 10,000th win at Coors Field and are hoping for a World Series win in 2008! When we’re not trying to get a wink of sleep or dragging our baby to baseball games, we love camping, hiking, paddling and skiing. We are looking forward to taking Elyssa on her first camping trip this summer!

I am the President of Aqua Ria Ltd., Specialists in Clean Water Act Regulation and Compliance.

Participating in the organization and serving as a Board member represents my contribution to working on a resource that lies near and dear to my heart.

I have a daughter who loves the water and the great outdoors just as much as me. We hope to take advantage of a high water runoff season with lots of rafting, followed by a little low water fishing.

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Born in Cortez, CO, growing up in Fort Collins, and living in Grand County has given me a unique point of view due to the water quality issues, quantity and politics facing the state. I am an avid basil gardener and a former professional ski patroller who loves snow chemistry! I have a BS in Soil and Crop Science and a MS in Watershed Science from CSU.

Stoddard White, of Grand Lake, CO and a former recipient for the CLRMA Secchi Disk Award, got me involved with CLRMA and NALMS - so I guess I can blame him. In 2005, I helped organize the CLRMA July Lake Appreciation Month activities up in Grand Lake with a Water Festival and kid's fishing during the Western Weekend and Buffalo BBQ.

I've been working with watershed groups in the Three Lakes (TL - Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Reservoir, and Granby Reservoir) since 1996. As founder and former Executive Director of the Grand County Water Information Network (GCWIN), a 501(c)(3) scientific educational organization of 42 entities focused on collaborating and coordinating water quality monitoring efforts in Grand County, CO, I worked with water quality issues including increasing algal blooms, aquatic weeds, and aquatic nuisance species (ANS) in the TL and rivers. Also, as a founding member of the Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA) and a former Outreach Committee Chair, I am glad to see CLRMA working with CWA and other state organizations.

I enjoy the unbiased scientific exchange, education, and information that CLRMA and NALMS provide its members and the public. I believe organizations like CLRMA and NALMS are essential in keeping the free exchange of ideas and science available and current through the Clarion and Lake Line publications. I'm very glad to be more involved with CLRMA again and feel honored to serve on the Board of Directors to represent the Western Slope.

I graduated from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, in 1999. My first job was as an intern on Oswego Lake (Portland, Oregon). The Oswego Lake internship allowed me to get hands-on experience with alum, hypolimnetic aeration, fish screens, and herbicide treatment for Brazilian Elodea. After 3 years of being the Oswego lake manager, I moved to Denver, Colorado to work for Metro Wastewater Reclamation District. This career move allowed me to focus on more than one reservoir and to become more familiar with water quality regulations that affect lakes and reservoirs. I monitor and help manage Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir. Over the years, I have been involved with the Indiana Lake Management Society, Oregon Lake Association, CLRMA, and NALMS. I am a past president and secretary of CLRMA and started the Colorado Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program. I'm happy to be serving CLRMA again on the Board of Directors.

I am a Water Resources Scientist, my co-workers and I oversee the day-to-day raw water system operations at Denver Water.

Given my involvement in the day-to-day operation of several reservoirs in Colorado it is important to be informed of the issues which may impact them. I have also had some previous experience as the treasurer of a non-profit organization.

In my free time I enjoy, hiking, skiing, camping, various textile related hobbies and spending time with my family and friends.

I have a longtime interest in managing and caring for water resources. I achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fish Biology from Colorado State University and a Master of Science Degree in Fisheries Sciences from South Dakota State University. My dad worked for the National Park Service so when I was young I had the privilege to spend my summers in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. My career started out working part time for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Green River and Laramie. I also worked as a Colorado Class A water treatment plant operator for 10 years. For the past 20 years I've worked for the City of Boulder where I monitor and report useful information concerning Boulder's drinking water supplies. I also assist in developing action plans to protect the City's water supplies, respond to customer complaints, and answer water quality questions.

I am a Water Quality Analyst for the City of Thornton. Born in Walla Walla and raised in Spokane, Washington, I've always enjoyed the outdoors and recognized the importance of protecting our natural resources. I have a B.S. in Environmental Science and Regional Planning from Washington State University and have lived in the Denver area for over ten years. I have three active kids and in my free time I enjoy playing double bass in local bands. I look forward to serving CLRMA's members in the coming year.

Mike is a Water Resource Specialist with the Colorado River Water Conservation District. He has experience working on a variety of resource issues including water rights and administration, water quality regulations, and project development. Mike received a Bachelor of Science in Forest Hydrology from the University of Georgia. Mike is a member of both the National and Colorado Chapters of AWRA. He has 15 years experience in water resources in Colorado. Mike is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys our State's most precious resources by sliding on our snowpack in the winter and floating our rivers in the summer. Mike and his wife Kim and two girls live in Breckenridge, CO.