THANK YOU to the following for their commitments to CLRMA in 2015!

Awards winners from left to right are:

Lake Management Award – Paul Tedesco
Incoming President – Cindy Brady
2015 Secchi Disk Award – Elizabeth Brown – CLRMA Past President
Special Recognition Award – Kelly Cline
Communications Award – Kevin Tohill

What is CLRMA?

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CLRMA is a grass roots organization made up of individuals concerned about the future of Colorado lakes and reservoirs. Our members are people just like you - people concerned about today's lake issues.

The Colorado Lake and Reservoir Management Association was formed in 1996 as a non-profit, charitable organization. It is a statewide organization of individuals, organizations, and lake associations devoted to the protection and preservation of lakes and reservoirs. CLRMA is a recognized affiliate of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS).

The primary objectives of CLRMA are to promote understanding and comprehensive management of lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds.

Specific objectives include:

  • Providing a forum for sharing of information and experiences on scientific, administrative, legal and financial aspects of lake, reservoir, and watershed management.
  • Foster the cooperation and interaction of public and private individuals, agencies, organizations and units of government involved in lake, reservoir, and watershed management.
  • Assist in the development of local, state and national lake and reservoir programs consistent with appropriate management strategies and techniques.

Our Mailing Address is
PO Box 9504
Denver, CO 80209

or email us at the gmail account on the footer.
We will be happy to answer your questions about CLRMA.

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